When I was a child

Viennart Designs

Colors And Shapes Inspire Me…

Since I was a child I was inspired by colours and shapes. I was the the creative kid since I can remember and I used to teach other kids how to create. And that hasn’t stopped.

I’m happy to say that at the age of 29, I’m still able to create and to have it as my career.

Welcome To My Website

I studied Graphic Design, but while doing so I loved the artistic side the most and I was reminded again by how much I love making art. That’s when I came up with the name Viennart Designs. A combination of my name, Vienna, art and design. On this site I share more of my art than my designs, but this site is also a design if you think of it!

Latest Video

Sharing the process of my art on YouTube

While creating I film the entire process so it inspires you to create as well since it isn’t that hard to create: you just have to start! I also make other art related videos to get you in the creative flow.

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